Distribution Options

Email - Speedy, simple and secure

With the wide availability of e-mail, most APT clients prefer to use our secure email system to receive their files. To remain HIPAA compliant, APT does not deliver transcribed reports as e-mail attachments. Instead e-mail alerts only contain a link. Once the client clicks the link, they are directed back to our server where they enter their password. Subsequently, an encrypted connection is established between the client’s computer and APT’s server. Our technology is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and GroupWise e-mail systems as well as Internet Explorer, Netscape and Firefox web browsers.

Remote Printing - Your virtual office assistant

If you don’t have the time or resources to print e-mailed documents, then our print solution is the technology you’ve dreamed of. APT’s print solution allows you to seamlessly receive your documents printed directly at your location over a secure high-speed Internet connection. For less expense than courier/mail delivery, it’s possible to streamline the receipt of your transcripts. Want your files to print at 9 AM at your receptionist’s desk? No problem. APT’s print solution is completely customizable allowing us to print to nearly any printer on your network. What about printer malfunctions you ask? Our technology allows us to designate a backup printer so that your prints never miss a step.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Do you have an FTP site that your organization prefers to use? APT can upload completed reports directly to your FTP server.


Want to make use of our services but don’t want to involve any technology? APT can deliver printed reports directly to your location, complete with copies and envelopes if you wish. APT ships via FedEx and USPS.