Precision Transcription, LLC was formed as a result of a merger of two transcription services companies: American Medical Transcription Service and Precision Transcription. Our team is led by Alisha M. Harris who is a certified Medical Transcriptionists with over 25 years of combined experience in the industry.  By utilizing the best resources and the latest in technology, APT provides quality transcription service to clients across the United States.

Precision Transcription takes pride in knowing that our company has grown over the years from referrals from our satisfied clients.  We offer the newest technology, a work ethic beyond comparison and most importantly, “old-school” customer service.

Precision Transcription is equipped to handle both large and small practices and is versed in Medent, Meditech, 3M/Chartscript, DocShuttle/Webshuttle, and many more.  If you currently have a system in place that you prefer to continue using, our IT staff will work closely with your office to bring our service aboard on your preferred system.

Precision Transcription establishes and maintains a close working relationship with our clients to ensure that your turnaround times and quality-of-work expectations are completely satisfied.  Accuracy, dependability and confidentiality are the prime considerations for our highly trained, well-experienced, and certified MTs. 

Our MT staff consists of Independent Contractors located across the United States and in many different time zones.   All of our ICs hold one of the following:  A Medical Transcription Degree, Medical Transcription Certificate, Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) and/or Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT).  We currently have 80+ experienced Medical Transcriptionists on our staff and are affiliated with a local Medical Transcription school, Andrews and Holbrook.