Superior, High Quality Medical Transcription Services

Precision Transcription strives for excellence in all documents produced via our transcription services. As part of our total commitment to quality, Precision Transcription audits reports based on the following criteria:

  • Reports must have proper spelling, grammar, format and content.
  • Reports must include all essential components and demographic information.
  • Reports must be transcribed to accurately reflect the dictator's intended meaning, but may be interpreted and edited as necessary for clarification.
  • Discrepancies must be brought to the attention of the dictator or designate.
  • Reports must be delivered according to client requirements.


Once your account is created, we will dedicate a team of transcriptionists, proofers, and production managers to your account. This resource allocation produces a more consistent report. Immediately following transcription, a Level 1 QA Analyst reviews 100% of the jobs prior to delivery to the client. Once approved, the report is then reviewed again by a Level 2 QA Analyst. If the Level 2 QA Analyst feels that the transcribed report does not meet all quality criteria, the report will then be re-routed to a Level 1 QA Analyst for complete review.

Our 15 point, two-tier quality review process makes our reports among the best in the industry. While most of our competitors review only a fractional percentage of their overall volume, Precision Transcription audits 100% of all transcribed files prior to return to the client. Absolutely no work goes directly from the transcriptionist to the client. We ensure that all work is audited by our QA staff to provide unparalleled quality.

MT QA Level 1 QA Level 1
Spelling x x x
Grammar x x x
Format x x x
Content x x
Demographics x
Full Audio Review x x

Transcriptionist Screening & Selection

Precision Transcription is staffed with teams of carefully selected medical transcriptionists that create your documents.  Our transcriptionists are recruited from our industry's best educational institutions. Additionally, our staff includes the expertise of certified medical transcriptionists (CMTs), registered health information technicians (RHITs) and medical transcription instructors. The average Precision Transcription transcriptionist has 15 years experience.

  • Transcriptionist (MT) - Each physician's dictation is routed to his/her dedicated transcriptionist. The transcriptionist will have atleast 4 years of experience and specialize in the physician's medical specialty.
  • Editor - Our editors average 6 years of experience. They review the transcription for accuracy and completeness. Level 2 QA Analysts also check formatting per client requirements.
  • Production Manager (PM) - Production Managers have the overall responsibility of the jobs including timeliness and quality. The final product does not go to the client without final approval from the production manager.

Leveraging Technology

Beyond making sure that we have the best qualified staff to transcribe your dictations, we also maximize the use of the latest technology. Precision Transcription's platform ensures document quality in three distinct ways:

  • Spelling: Spell check is automatically run at the completion of each document.
  • Grammar: Grammar check is automatically run at the completion of each document.
  • Templates: Formats are always consistent as our system employs templates.

Dictation Discrepancies

Any documents that contain inaudible portions or other discrepancies are brought to the attention of the Production Manager, who may then notify the dictator to explain the text. We strive to eliminate guess work when it comes to ensuring that your documents are accurate and complete. Clients taking advantage of our electronic signature service have additional tools to communicate with our transcription staff regarding dictation issues. Clients wishing to audit the quality of their transcribed reports have access to the original dictated audio files via the online system. Click here download an AAMT white paper on the best practices for measuring quality.


While dictators are responsible for providing patient name spellings and medical record numbers either during dictation or via other means, Precision Transcription offers flexible options for getting your demographic information to us. Options can be as simple as faxing your patient list to us to the more advanced option of deploying an HL7 interface between your system and ours.

Full Audio Review

When beginning a new account, all work must pass both QA Level 1 and QA Level 2 until the transcriptionist has demonstrated proficiency with the account. After the transcriptionist has demonstrated proficiency with the account, full audio edits are conducted at the discretion of Precision Transcription and the client. Clients can elect to receive customized reports that show that the documents are being returned according to the agreed upon turnaround time.


We also offer our personnel training to ensure they are adequately qualified. Our medical transcription training period lasts for a period of two months and it is more intensive than most other transcription companies. We have invested time and resources during this critical stage of our people's growth in the industry. This training entails:

  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Basic pharmacology
  • Medications current in the U.S. and UK
  • Medical terminology
  • Medical symptoms and diagnoses
  • Comprehension of vital records and medical reports
  • Grammatical training and common physicians dictation shortcuts
  • Overview of report types (H&Ps, SOAPs, Discharge Summaries, Letters, Initial Evals, etc.)
  • Basic computer skills, word processing packages