Why Outsource

Precision Transcription helps you work smarter, better, faster!

Timely, accurate documents are crucial to the success of your establishment and proper patient care.  Research shows that outsourcing transcription will not only improve quality, but also contain costs. At Precision Transcription we have made it our business to partner with businesses of all sizes and budgets to maximize outsourcing potential. We’ve helped facilities save thousands of dollars annually by simply moving from an in-house to outsourced transcription model.


  • There are dozens of reasons to outsource, but the most common reasons include:
  • Eliminate transcriptionist employment taxes and benefits.
  • Avoid hiring, training, and management expenses for transcription.
  • Cut-out sick time, vacation, and family-leave costs.
  • Access best-of-breed technology with little to no initial investment.
  • Make use of office space otherwise reserved for transcription.
  • Pay for only the services you use and nothing more.
  • Focus on core competencies versus administrative duties.

Still not Convinced? Precision Transcription offers three solutions for outsourcing:

Total Outsource
Precision Transcription becomes your off-site data processing center. Make use of our technology and free your staff up for other duties, while remaining in complete control of your information using our web-based management tools.   We’ll even absorb your staff if you have transcriptionists you prefer to work with.

Partial Outsource
Maintain your existing staff in-house who perform transcription in tandem with other responsibilities. When their plates get too full with non-transcription duties, call on APTranscription to pick up the slack and we'll help you stay on top of everything.

Backup Outsource
Whether you have back-up, overflow or a sudden dictation increase, we have you covered. Likewise, our transcription services compliment your organization’s contingency plan. In case your system malfunctions, your staff can dictate directly into our system without your facility skipping a beat.